Through making lifestyle changes,
eating organic whole foods,
taking proper supplements,
building the immune system
and praying…
many will heal the body.

The Diagnosis

In 2010, I saw the dentist to have three amalgam fillings removed. Not a big deal, right? Wrong. 

I remember having a metal taste in my mouth, and pulling out chunks of metal and handing it to the dental tech, having no idea how dangerous, and highly toxic, they were. I had no idea that amalgam fillings were full of mercury and that this seemingly simple procedure would change my life. 

When I came home that day, I was very tired but didn’t think anything of it. The following morning I felt worse but never thought it had anything to do with having the fillings removed. It did. It had everything to do with it. As time went on I experienced severe neck pain, headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, high anxiety, irritability, memory problems, and numbness, and over all, I just didn’t feel myself… for three years. 

Then I started to have serious lesions all over my face, jawline and chest. Then I started losing my hair. I didn’t know what was going on. Then one night on the way home from dinner, I suddenly was unable to speak. My husband rushed me to the ER, thinking that I was having a stroke. I had lost my speech for about six hours. The hospital ran the standard tests and scans – they had no answers. They suggested seeing a neurologist. 

I scheduled to see several doctors – a neurologist, an internist, a rheumatologist, an ENT, and then a dermatologist. The initial reaction was to prescribe steroids and antibiotics (Bactrim). The Bactrim created a massive flare and the dermatologists wanted to biopsy – my face! 

The diagnosis came; Discoid Lupus. Discoid Lupus? What on earth is that? The dermatologist proceeded to tell me that I could take antibiotics and steroids to control this autoimmune disease, but it would most likely have to continue for the rest of my life, and it would likely get worse over time and affect my entire immune system. No real explanation or exploration about ‘how’ I got this… How did this happen? What was the root cause? They just wanted to treat (mask) all of my symptoms with medications. I was devastated. I knew in my heart of hearts that there had to be another way; a better way. At the time, I had no idea this is when my journey to good health was going to start and how many changes in my life were in front of me and my family as I began my battle with Mercury poisoning. 

The Healing Process

The goal is to find answers… real answers; remedies, based on root causes, not lifelong prescriptions based on protocols for the masses. My goal is to help you find the answers you are seeking on your journey.

To learn about how I fought and won my battle, click here...

My Journey began by reading as much information as I could get my hands on – reading and researching from a variety of credible sources. Ultimately, this would lead me back to school studying Integrative Nutrition and becoming a Certified Health Coach.

Through my two year Journey to Good Health, I was able to fully reverse my autoimmune disease by discovering my deficiencies and addressing them with supplements; eating an organic whole food diet void of Gluten and dairy; and, understanding my heavy metal load and detoxifying appropriately, all under the supervision of a Functional Medicine Doctor, as well as having the remaining Amalgam (Mercury) fillings properly removed by a holistic Dentist.

The presence of heavy metals in the body cause numerous autoimmune diseases as well as cancer. This was an eye opening experience to learn the true root causes of illness, unlike traditional western medicine that treats signs and symptoms with long-term prescription medications that ultimately result in more illness, which leads to more medications… a never ending cycle of illness. Good for Pharma, not for you and me.

Healing the Gut is one of the most crucial steps in addressing major health issues, like reversing any autoimmune disease. It all begins with your kitchen, which is a major lifestyle change for many, and this is where I can help!